The ‘nit’-ty gritty

It’s taken three days for this ugly Primary School issue to raise it’s head – that’s right, the Nit’s have arrived!  One rather brazen mother came in this morning to tell me that she’d treated her daughter’s hair but she can still see lots of eggs in it; she was followed by said daughter, hair flowing freely in gorgeous golden locks down her back….  I very quickly tied my hair up and, as soon as breaktime arrived, texted Mum to get the Tea-Tree Conditioner out!  I will not get nits!

Apart from these uninvited friends adding to the class’s already high body count, today went very well.  Listening skills were improved upon (hurrah), and we managed to get more than 3 sums covered in maths (it really is the small things in life!).  We did hand out a couple of Red Cards; this is the school’s behaviour policy which means, if a child gets a Red Card, they get a note in their diary and the teacher has a quick chat with the collecting adult at the end of the day.  The Red Card is then kept on file.  Ultimately, Red Cards are bad!

I made it to 3pm fine, and then the headteacher approached me – I don’t know what it is about headteachers but they still have the power to terrify me, even today!  Year 2 was having a ‘Meet the Teacher’ afternoon, so both Y2 and Y1 teachers were occupied.  “You can read a story to Y1 and Y2 can’t you?” said the Headteacher.  “Of course!”  I was happy to, I’m no stranger to the children’s story book.  I sat in Y1 as the children piled in.  Finally all 49(!) were settled; so was the Headteacher.  Hmmm, I didn’t realise she was staying!  I managed to gain order and silence and so I began, very aware of the adult eyes in the room.  10 seconds later however, a medical emergency saved me (thank you Y6 for hurting your leg (I hope it gets better soon)), and the Headteacher left the room.  The story concluded without a hitch and silence prevailed the entire time; a very heart-warming success!  Children clearly can’t sense fear….

Mind you, I think Headteacher’s can….


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