The End of the Beginning….

I have come to the end of my first placement as a trainee teacher, and what a fantastic start to my year!  The school has been fantastic in allowing me to enter their school at such a busy time of year, and the Year 2 teacher was so supportive and ready to offer help and answer my questions that I really couldn’t have hoped for more!

Today went very smoothly and, thankfully, no Red Cards had to be issued.  Whilst this may be down to the children losing energy towards the end of the week, I also think it is a reflection upon how they are finally beginning to settle back into the routines of the previous year, finally accepting that the summer holidays have come to an end!

I really will miss the children.  Perhaps it’s because I’m used to working at Summer Camps where I work at a different Camp each day so am used to quickly forming relationships with children, but I really will miss all 31 of the children, all of whom have a fantastic personality and wonderful abilities that I wish I could see develop throughout the year.  They gave me a lovely thank you card with a photo of the whole class (almost) on the front cover.  I’d love to show you on here but data protection rules prevail and I wouldn’t like to damage the children’s right to privacy.

I will however include my feedback form, written by the Year 2 teacher.  I have to hand it in to the Education Faculty on Monday as evidence that I’ve actually been in school this week, not just messing around at home!  I’m not posting this to be a show-off, honest; I’m posting it because I feel it shows the kindness and attention the teacher, and headteacher, paid towards me at this important stage of my training.  I really couldn’t be more thankful….




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