Let the Drama begin….

…but not literally.  The day started off with a bit of confusion when our Drama teacher didn’t appear at 9am; after a puzzled 30 minutes of waiting, we collectively agreed that we were meant to be there and that maybe she’d got lost.  Unfortunately a personal matter meant that our Drama teacher wasn’t able to take us for our first double session so instead we got a double free.  I say ‘free’, there was lots to be done, but there was also coffee to be drunk.

The latter happened.

When the day finally began (13.30), we headed off for P.E..  It turns out it’s quite hard to put into words how to roll a ball, and even harder to put it into three ‘points’.  Anyway, nobody got hurt so all in all it went quite well!  

Computing was hilarious.  When a lesson starts with a youtube clip you know it can only go up from there!  Tomorrow we go to a school to look at their Computing sessions, it’s a half day trip where we observe the children – hopefully they can teach me a thing or two about IT and Computing, because Interactive Whiteboards terrify me, and school computer programmes are enough to make me run a mile….


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