When it rains…..

…and you’re on your way to the first School Placement of your teacher training career, deal with it.

We went to a local school this afternoon which specialises in ICT – and when I say ‘specialises in ICT’, I mean it has over 80 laptops and 16 iPads for the children, and one laptop and one iPad for each member of staff; I mean that in 6 years the school has invested mega bucks in transforming and moving the 6 laptops and 7 rusty old computers into tools which can be applied to every lesson.  It was incredible, a huge jump from most primary schools I’ve seen where one ICT/Computing suite is considered a luxury!  

However, as with anything there are prizes and pitfalls to being so technologically advanced.  The use and confidence of the children in relation to ICT depends upon their background and what they have access to at home; technology inevitably will go wrong, and one teacher very calmly but with a notable tone of wisdom to her voice suggested that you “always have a backup plan”.  As the head-teacher stressed, finance is a big issue, as is the issue of how technologically confident and capable your staff are!  Similarly, you have to think about the area that each school wishes to, or indeed can, focus their attention on.  Some schools pride themselves on being Sporting Centres, because they have the space to do so, others focus on the performing arts because, similarly, they have the space in which to do so.

It was a truly fantastic school, one which I would love to be placed in, not only because of the friendliness of the staff, but also because it’s right next to the University – is it acceptable to be so lazy so early on?


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