“Just be prepared to make a fool of yourself.”

Yesterday was English day, by which I mean story day, by which I mean dramatic story and poetry day.  The lecture was, without a doubt, hilarious.  We had stories performed to us with props, sound effects and a bucket load of enthusiasm, followed by an English seminar involving puppets, chocolates and (on our table anyway) a poem about Voldemort and his regrets.

The afternoon introduced us to R.E..  I’ll say now that I’m an atheist, but who said you have to believe something to teach it?  Besides, R.E. in schools is about exploring more than your own thoughts and reactions to theism, it’s about reflecting on your feelings, on how others feel and react to situations.  Although, I’ll be honest, I don’t think I was entirely open to reflecting at 4.30 on a Friday afternoon when the Pub beckoned….

Anyway, to sum it up I’ve survived the week.

Just another 37 weeks to go…..


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