Mathematical Meltdown

A few months ago I did my Maths Skills Test, a compulsory test which all students must take in order to be accepted onto a PGCE course.  At the time I remember moaning that none of the algebraic formulas needed to complete the tests were in any way relevant to me becoming a Primary School Teacher; what an ignorant fool I was!

Maths this morning opened my eyes to the traumatic world of mathematics.  Despite the very gun-ho lecture approach that ‘you can do anything’, and that ‘maths can inspire’, the seminar which followed shattered my illusions of the ‘ease’ of Mathematics in a Primary School.  Right now I don’t think I will ever be able to inspire myself let alone give a child the confidence to walk into a secondary school and boldly declare that they have ‘the knowledge’ of Mathematics.  Anyway, next week I have to submit a Maths subject audit to highlight to my tutor the immense dread and horror that has saturated my very soul….

But that’s next week! in the long term it has now been confirmed that I have achieved the KS2 specialism I wanted, hooray!  I will, after this first placement at the giant Village School, be specialising in children aged 9-11.

The downside to this is that I really do need to know my Maths….


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