About neglecting my post(s)

Ooops, haven’t written on here in a week, apologies!  I have a valid excuse for neglecting my posting skills, I’ve had my first week in school on a placement!  It’s been fantastic.  I’m in with Year 2 and there are 29 of them, I know all the names but I’m still a little bit shaky about which name belongs to which face!  I’m sure I’ll get there eventually…..

It’s been a very long week, not because of being in school, that’s fantastic – it’s what I want to do! – it’s the paperwork which comes with it which is tiring.  I leave the house at 7am and get back around 6pm, then it’s straight into filing, typing up notes, filling out unnecessarily long lesson plans, and then bed.  It’ll be worth it in the end I’m sure, but I can’t help but feel my time would be better spent catching up on the national curriculum and actually focusing on the class, rather than worrying about gathering the correct information!

Anyway, so far I’ve done a group teach, taught some groups some maths and literacy, and did a whole class teach on Friday (which was a bit of a surprise; our teacher was ill so a supply came in and didn’t quite comprehend the idea of a ‘team teach’).  It went well, and I think I got the balance of carpet time versus working time about right.  There weren’t too many squirming bottoms at the end!

Next week I’m teaching an hour and a half of Maths, first thing on a Monday morning (I think we can all see that that will not end well), and then History on Thursday afternoon which is a mere 50 minute long lesson.  I’m going to incorporate some drama.  I’ll let you know how that one pans out!


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