When you’ve had a bad day…

…the world seems anything but fine!  I’ve realised that I really, really, really do resent Faculty.  I’m in my element in the classroom, in front of a room of 29 little faces.  It’s where I belong and for the past two weeks I’ve been exhausted but in a good way – I’m exhausted because I care and because I’ll try my best to ensure that each of those little people goes home having achieved something, even if it’s as small as writing their name on a page and “having a go”.

It’s just these weeks we spend in Faculty which really get me down.  I was exhausted by 11 today which is completely non-sensical because I went to bed early, I woke up later than I do when I go to school, and I literally just sat in a lecture theatre.  I think it’s the assignments that are bearing down on us all like an ugly, hairy aunty with smelly breath that you really don’t want to sit next to in the car; of course, being in Faculty means there’s time to dwell on other things that you could, not push from your mind, but you could temporarily forget about whilst in school.

Eurrgh, this isn’t a happy post is it?  Maybe things will brighten up tomorrow….although, judging from the timetable, I can’t quite see how that’s going to happen!!


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