Life’s a Rollercoaster.

Or, perhaps more specifically, a PGCE is a rollercoaster!  Today was incredibly good compared to the past two days.  We had Art, P.E. and D.T.; I had a fantastically hands-on day but can’t help but feel that I shouldn’t need to wait for a day like this to make me feel like I can handle the course.  But that’s by-the-by, let’s focus on the positives!

Art was possibly the best lesson taught; we only have 3 hours on the foundation subjects and I think she hit the nail on the head perfectly.  We looked at the principle that Art was simply ‘making marks with tools on surfaces’ – we drew without taking the pen off the paper, looked at drawing without taking our eyes off the object, colour merging, using different gauge pencils, making clay models – it was brilliant!Image

P.E. brought us into the world of Dance – some more interpretive than others(!), with some great tips on how to get children (mainly, sorry for being in any way sexist, boys) involved in the lesson so obviously classed under the stereotypically “girly” topic of ‘Dance’.

The day ended on a high with D.T. starting early (giving us an early home time).  We made model Cars, some better than others, learning to use and make axles.  Ours turned out to look like an amphibious vehicle, though one of the wheels somehow got glued to the frame – it thus had a slight issue with movement….Image


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