Arrrrrr you excited too?

Arrrrrr you excited too?

First of all it’s Friday so let’s all breathe a sigh of relief and crack open a bottle of something lovely!

Secondly, this week marks the end of Faculty (for a fortnight at least), and the start of another 2 weeks at school – huzzah!

Thirdly – and extremely excitingly – today I found out I’m going back to the same school for my second placement! I’ll be with Y4, so finally moving to KS2 which is the year I feel (at the moment) more comfortable with. I have loved my time with Y2 and am looking forward to the coming 2 weeks…

…which takes us nicely to our fourth point (and finally explains the picture). It’s a week ENTIRELY BASED UPON PIRATES! Yes, on Monday it is full fancy dress, leading through a week of mathematical pirate-themed challenges, PSHE based upon the moralistic decisions made by pirates and, to finish off the week, we get to do our English Project! This involves a quest, a little bit of brain power, and finally a map-reading journey. I’ll tell you more about that later, in the meantime marvel at the treasure chest I just made (by covering a box in paper and drawing lines) but STILL…quite proud!


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