“I told her you disappoint me more every day”…..

….the wit of our mentor is out of this world.  He was, of course, joking but the title of this blog post is exactly what he told us he’d said to our mentor – just as went in to meet her (this is our tutor from Faculty doing a check-up on us!).  It turns out our mentor is actually quite pleased with our progress and said some complimentary things to our tutor – a nice confidence boost on a Wednesday morning I can tell you!  Our tutor had a look at our folders, asked how we were and that was pretty much it – a waste of time on everyone’s part (in my humble opinion), but she signed a bit of paper which must mean it has some meaningful objective, whether we know what it is or not!

The rest of the day was spent partaking in a 15 minute walk around the playground – the NSPCC came in last week and set the fund-raiser challenge.  Some kids raced around the playground before realising that they had 13 minutes left to go; the look of horror was unforgettable!  The afternoon was our PPA time so we had a look at how you plan a school trip which was a lengthy process, but we do get to go on the trip too which is quite exciting!  We spent the rest of the time preparing ourselves for our English Project (the pirate thing!) which we are teaching tomorrow and Friday morning.  

May the fun begin!



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