I could see; it was beautiful.

Today I cycled home in the daylight.  That’s right, no bike lights, no reflective jacket over my rucksack, no peering through the gloom; I whizzed home like a bullet train!  The reason for my early arrival home this afternoon was that we had a Faculty school visit today, by which I mean Group 7 PGCE students visited a primary school heralded as being the best for P.E. in the country.  

I will hand it to them, the sporting achievements and way that they teach P.E. and encourage participation is fantastic, especially considering that it is not a big school and they do not have fancy playing fields.  In fact, their school grounds are quite small compared to other primary schools that I’ve seen.  We saw Y3/4 and Y5/6 complete the same P.E. level, but obviously Y5/6 were at a higher level.  The children demonstrated solid football, netball and hockey skills, and many were beginning to develop the rules of Rugby. I feel I would have enjoyed the visit a lot more had it been held during summer (it was extremely cold!),  but the low temperature did encourage me to get involved.  

I must admit, I do find it baffling when other PGCE students just stand around chatting and not taking part; surely we are all there because we want to teach and advance the children’s skills?  Ah well, each to their own.


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