I can’t believe it’s all over!

That’s it; Placement 1a is complete and I am absolutely distraught!  Goodness knows how I’ll be when I have to leave a class that I’ve taught for a whole year – I might not cope at all.  

Year 2 have been absolutely fantastic; I was concerned at first that they would be as incapable (I’m sorry to say that) as Year 1 but, to my delight and surprise, they were extremely able and, much to my utter joy, independent.  Don’t get me wrong, every thing has to be put out for them, and everything has to be done in small steps otherwise they’ll get confused, but if you ask a question you will get an answer (though, granted, it’s not always the answer you were expecting).  The school have also been fantastic and I’m delighted that I’m only away from there for one week before I return for part 1b of my placements.  Next time however I will be with Year 4, that’s right, I’m moving to the Juniors!  I’m quite excited to move to the KS2 part of the school as the rooms are all clustered around a shared corridor so things are a bit more sociable; the KS1 classrooms tend to be dead-ends in their own right.

Hopefully the Year 4 class will be as sympathetic and gentle as the Year 2s were – fingers crossed!


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