Hello there!

I’ve recently been made aware that my blog has just been shared on the fantastic ‘York Students in Schools’ facebook page; thank you for popping along to have a look.  Hopefully nothing on here is putting you off wanting to teach – I’m just trying to give a realistic view of what goes on during a PGCE course.  I will say (shameless plug) that, if you’re at the University of York and want to teach, then a YSIS placement is such good preparation and I couldn’t recommend it more highly!

Anyway, enough of that, this week we are back in Faculty (Uni) which, as regular readers will know, I am not a fan of.  The classroom is where I’m at my best.  Today involved a series of terrifying lectures on what is expected from us on our 1b placements which will be 8 weeks long, two weeks before Christmas and six after.  It all seemed frightening when they were telling us what we need to do but currently I work on the philosophy that you need to take one week at a time.  It’s worked so far!

In amongst this hard-line talk were some interim moments of, what I like to call, ‘non-sensical fluff’.  I know that meditation is for some people, and I am in no way being derogatory towards it but, personally, it’s just too…..fluffy.  I’m all for chilling out to fight stress, but if you make me close my eyes in the middle of a lecture hall and breathe deeply then all that’s going to happen is that I will get the giggles.  Combined with a cold it just ain’t pretty…..



One response to “Hello there!

  1. Sally Greenwood

    I love the shameless plug Alice!

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