Fractions, fractions, fractions…

So today we were in Faculty (boo) and it was a Maths day (double boo) and we were looking at fractions which wasn’t as bad as I anticipated!  We’d had a staff meeting at school last week on this very topic so I already felt quite knowledgeable!  We tried out some pretty nifty tricks to help us out.  

In the photo below you can see on the left a series of squares which are coloured in.  Our task was to colour in exactly half of the 9 squares.  Our tutor had done this with her Y6 class already so the pressure was on us to come up with new and unique ways of shading half of a shape.  The idea is to encourage children to see half as an idea rather than a fixed shape or amount.  On the right you can see a circle; it’s much more exciting in the flesh!  Basically you slot two circles together and can rotate them so you could have half yellow, half green or three quarters green, one quarter yellow.  It’s really just like magic….



Then we were set a challenge, and it was hard!  We had to cut join some squares together so that ‘like’ fractions were next to each other.  It was a bit like dominoes or tri-onimos if you’ve ever played it.  It certainly tested our brain cells but myself and a parter did achieve it…it only took 20 minutes or so!Image

So that was Maths.  Last thing on today’s agenda was to meet our mentor for our 1b placement.  We already know her of course as we are going back to the same school as 1a but it was brilliant to hear her tell us about each member of the Y4 class.  There are 7 children highlighted as SEN (special educational needs), which is quite a lot out of 29.  Apparently they are quite a rowdy class, very nice, just eligible to win a contest involving ‘Who could talk for Britain?’.  I really can’t wait to get into the classroom again though.  I think I’m ready for a more challenging class (I know, I know, I’ll regret that later…….)!


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