Starting a Placement in the middle of a Nativity…..

Today we started our 1b placement.  We were back at the same school as we were for 1a but this time we’re with Year 4 instead of Year 2.  

The main differences so far:  Y4 sit on chairs at tables, Y2 sit on the floor; Y4 will do a piece of work independently, Y2 will do a piece of work if you break it down into 22-steps-and-bring-them-back-to-the-carpet-every-two-minutes; Y4 can take themselves to lunch, Y2 can’t; Y4 all have a hacking cough, Y2 all have runny noses.  Apart from that it’s all pretty much the same!

I am of course joking; the class is chatty but very friendly.  I honestly wouldn’t have been able to tell who the children on School Action or School Action plus were.  Even the autistic lad with a one-to-one TA 32 hours a week was hard to spot, though apparently when he goes off on one it’s hard for Reception not to hear.  So that’s a joy yet to come!

The placement is going well (she says 1 day in to a 40 day placement), and we’ve just about managed to squeeze in when we’re going to teach.  I say ‘squeeze in’ because, as is typical of this time of year, the timetable is wrought with rehearsals for the Year 3/4 performance of ‘Stable Manners’ (which I believe is the politically-correct term for a Nativity).  We’re going to have a go at a team teach of Science on Wednesday where we work out what conducts and insulates electricity, plan a guided group activity for Maths focusing on halving and doubling, and next week we are (hopefully) going to teach a ‘fun’ Christmas-themed Maths lesson each on symmetry or money or….reindeer….

Tomorrow morning we have got the morning booked off timetable to sort out the 8-week placement outline with our mentor.  Let the fun begin!


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