All or nothing.

So today saw all sorts of exciting things happening; here are just a few highlights:-

  • An extremely God-squad volunteering group came in to do a whole-school assembly on Christmas.  They were very good and entertaining, and pitched it perfectly so that the Year 1’s were entertained but the Y6’s weren’t all bored out of their minds.  It was just a bit too, well…..let’s just say it wasn’t quite me.
  • Half-way through said assembly a small girl (unknown to me) starts wailing with hysterical tears at my feet before turning to me and basically yelling “I’m really sad”.  I promptly dragged (not intentionally, she just went all floppy) said girl out of the hall; the problem?  Her friend had left the school 6 months ago.  Dealt with that one.
  • Small boy in Y1 asks teacher near me in the corridor to pin a badge on him.  “I will, but what word comes after ‘Pin the badge on me’ in your sentence?” she replied.  After a short pause he responded: “Now.”  She pinned the badge on none-the-less.  The boy has charm.
  • Two Y4 children fell off their chairs.  There was no rhyme or reason for this.  It was like being in a forest where trees were being felled.
  • The chain slipped off my bike.  Twice.

You can tell it’s nearing the end of term….


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