There are 5 days left of this term for myself and my fellow PGCE students.  I am so tired, it really can’t come any sooner.  However, this week is going to be immense, for a number of reasons.  The list thing worked well in my last post, so let’s try it again:-

  1. Monday morning is the Y3/4 dress rehearsal of ‘Stable Manners’ which the rest of the school watches.  So that’s a stressful 9-10.45 slot.
  2. Mid-morning Monday is my maths lesson; that’s right, I’ve been given the prime-time teaching spot of post-dress-rehearsal and pre-lunchtime run about.  I’m just going to get them to design Santa’s Grotto….it’s loosely going to be related to area.  I’m simply being realistic.
  3. Monday afternoon is PPA time.
  4. Tuesday morning is PPA time in which the Y3/4 phase plan next term’s teaching.  So that’s Tuesday morning filled.
  5. Tuesday afternoon is the Y5/6 dress rehearsal which the rest of the school watches. As long as I don’t have any more hysterical children sat at my feet (see the previous post), this should go well.
  6. Wednesday afternoon at 2.30 and 4 is the Y3/4 performance of ‘Stable Manners’.  So that’s pretty much the whole day gone.
  7. Thursday morning is the R/Y1/2 dress rehearsal…..which the whole school watches.  I’m foreseeing a rather hilarious morning.
  8. Friday morning we’re teaching Science safety.  Basically they need to draw posters and try not to fall off their chairs.
  9. Friday mid-morning we’re designing Christmas crown with our Y1 ‘Buddy Class’.  N’awwwwwww (as long as nobody staples their fingers together).
  10. Friday afternoon is taken up with Christmas lunch.
  11. Then I crash and burn.
  12. OH and I made this Cinnabon Cake which will be waiting for me after school.  HOORAY!  Click here for the recipe!IMG_4636





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