“It’s like a Crunchie, only it isn’t crunchy.”

Today we had an epic PPA Phase Meeting (Y3 & Y4 teachers) to plan next term’s work.  This included a large amount of chocolate, biscuits, and mugs of tea and coffee to see us through.  The above quote, as a by-the-by, is in reference to the new Honeycomb Chocolate Fingers – try them out, they’re divine!

Anyway, we managed to sort out the children’s ‘History off the Page’ day; basically a crack squad of Ancient Greek enthusiasts come in to school for a day to let the children take part in Greek-style activities from wax tablet making to olive-tasting!  The day sounds fantastic and, happily, it falls in the week before half-term, which is our final week of the term.  We also looked at the 2014 National Curriculum for Literacy and Mathematics and are including the ‘minor’ changes as of January 2014.  Apparently there is very little that’s changed, though there was some discussion as to why on earth we need to teach Y4 Roman Numerals (when most of them aren’t overly comfortable with the modern-day numbers)!

Apart from that the day was pretty boring with PPA running from 8.30-1.20.  Tomorrow is a day filled with performances and, of course, parents.

Oh joy…..


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