Over a year

My interview for a place on the PGCE course was on the 5th December 2012. I missed the actual ‘anniversary’ of that day but, recently, a few of my friends from the years below me at Uni have had offers from various universities. It was such a good feeling when I received the interview and I had 5 weeks to wait until the actual day, whilst others who had applied to different places had only 3 days notice! So, bearing in mind that these interviews are hugely varied depending upon where you apply, here is a brief summary of what happened at my PGCE interview, just in case you were wondering…..

So I had a morning interview which went from 9 until about 1. There were eight of us in my interview group and seven out of that eight made it (I’ve seen them around Uni when we are in Faculty). We were all put in a room and had a few tasks to do – we had to choose an object from a table and discuss with each other how we could use that object in a lesson. The objects included photos, rain sticks, glue, a globe, and other weird and wonderful things. We then swapped tables so we were sat with different people and had to order some statements saying whether we agreed or disagreed with them. That was quite fun but we always had someone hovering over us watching!

The next part of the interview was to give our pre-prepared 2 minute speech on a method we’ve observed which we think is a good teaching strategy. 2 minutes really isn’t very long and I had to practise a lot before I got the timings right. It was all very relaxed and we gave the speech to those sat on our table, so it was only to 4 people.

We were then given a written task; we basically had two hours to write no more than two sides of A4 on our views about an article regarding KS1 children and how they learn (they told us afterwards that this is what they use to judge whether we were capable of doing the Masters side of the PGCE). The reason we had so long to do it was that we were taken out for our individual interviews which were about 20 minutes long. The interview was pretty good actually; all they really wanted to know was what we thought our weaknesses were, our strengths were and what our experiences of working with children has taught us. It really wasn’t scary at all, and, like I said, it was all pretty chilled!

I then had to wait a painful 14 days to hear back from them whether I had a place or not. It was torture but, clearly, I got accepted and over a year later here I am; knackered, stressed and mentally exhausted. Totally worth it.


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