“Like children, they need to be reminded about the order of things.” – Zeus

Term began today with an inset day; this is alright if you’re a pupil, not so great if you’re one of the staff!

The day was pretty productive with good bits and bad bits.  The focus of the day was around incorporating the 2014 National Curriculum into the current teaching, as of now.  This threw up some challenges, but didn’t spur much action!  Despite the loss of some topics (such as the Greeks that we in Y4 are studying this term), the main curriculum hasn’t altered much.  Maths has been bulked out with the addition of Roman numerals, with English and Science generally being swelled in any way Mr Gove seems fit!

The rest of the day was spent planning – rather frustratingly an alteration to the timetable means the lessons I planned over Christmas no longer work (mild anger and frustration as you can imagine).  However, the highlight of the day was getting to do the display on the Ancient Greeks!


Now, I know it looks quite bare at the moment, but tomorrow the class are going to start to create some art work which we will be able to use to brighten up the board.  Hopefully Zeus will still be smiling….



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