Not strict enough.

Today I had the joyous task of teaching the first lesson back after the Christmas holidays.  I would say “never again” but that’s just not going to happen when (if) I’m a full time teacher!  

The lesson wasn’t  bad, it was well planned and the class were really responsive.  The lesson was an introduction to the new topic ‘The Ancient Greeks’ (see my last post), and the children simply had to let me know what they already know about the topic, put it in a mind map, then come up with some questions they’d like to find the answer to.  

The lesson went well and everyone achieved their tasks but I didn’t realise when behaviour was slipping.  My mentor has reminded me that the school has a behaviour policy and that I need to remind the children of the rules at times.  They were talking over each other a fair bit, which I was aware of but I didn’t think much of at the time – rookie error!  I think my lack of incorporation of the behaviour system is because all of my previous experience with children (summer camps, ballet teaching) hasn’t involved any ‘system’ for dealing with behaviour; half of the time I forget there is a system at school.  So that’s one to remember!

As of tomorrow things are going to get tough…


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