All I want to do, is have some sleep!

Last night I made the sensible decision to stay in and watch a film, Bad Teacher to be precise. I figured last term I just sort of burned myself out. Whilst there is more than enough work that needs to be done, why spend every waking minute doing a poor job, when I could keep myself as fresh as possible, and just work hard for short amounts of time?! Besides, you owe it to the children to be alert and focused. So I’m going to try not to go out so much, and just do something a bit more chilled. I had a nice early night and went to bed.

At 3.45am the peace was disturbed. One of my housemates who had gone out had come home. The fire alarm went off. I went downstairs to see him asleep on the sofa, the room full of smoke. I went into the kitchen. He had a frying pan full of oil on a hot hob. It was smoking away beautifully. Me and another housemate finally managed to override the fire alarm and spent about an hour ventilating the downstairs rooms. Meanwhile, the drunk housemate stayed fast asleep on the sofa.

I’m unimpressed to say the least. On the plus side I’m having a girly meal tonight with a friend from my old Uni, but who also got onto the same PGCE course as me. Hooray!


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