I taught two lessons today, Science and English.  For anyone who says that teachers don’t have enough to do and that marking is ‘just making ticks and crosses’ then you are so wrong.

I’m sorry Mr Gove, but how anyone can be expected to teach, mark, plan lessons, fill in APP forms, ensure that they are meeting all government ‘targets’, be in charge of a group of 30 children all day, and have some essence of a normal life is beyond me!  But, you know what, I do care about the kids, so I’ll make time to do all of those things, because I’d quite like to know that they are getting care and attention from a teacher who wants them to learn and succeed in life, not just in the classroom.  I’d rather be the one in that classroom every day than know that they were being taught by someone who is in it for….I was going to say ‘the money’, but even that’s not there….

Rant over – sorry!  It’s been a really good day today, lessons went well, I’m just sick of hearing really good teachers get down-trodden everyday because they haven’t quite ‘met their targets’.  Gahhhh!!


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