Observations, observations, observations…

I was observed teaching today by my personal tutor (take two!).  The lesson went well, although (as expected) I ran out of time.  However, I managed to adapt the lesson to ensure that we met the Learning Objective (bane of my life) and finished just as the bell went for break.  What a relief!

My tutor said that the lesson went well, and just highlighted one or two areas to think about when teaching next time.  She was very fair with her observations.  Then we looked at the RPD, which is a ridiculous folder which is supposed to track our progress for the course.  I think it’s unnecessary paperwork which adds extra stress – and that’s exactly what I told her!  She wasn’t phased by it at all; I think because she’s only been employed by Faculty for this placement that she isn’t too ‘tied up’ with all of their bureaucracy; she can tell when something is just the Faculty trying to uphold the name of the University – here here!

Anyway, it’s been a good day.  I’ve got to teach Grammar tomorrow, which will be boring for all of us, but then it has to be done.  Year 4 have got to work on those apostrophes for contraction….


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