1 down 4 to go. I’m 1/4 of the way through…

The first of four maths lessons was taught by me today.  I have three more to teach.

  • On the plus side I started with 28 children and finished the lesson with 28 children.
  • On the downside at least 4 children had music lessons during my class which meant that they either missed the main teaching, or they missed the part where they actually had to apply their knowledge and learning.  Rather frustrating.
  • On the plus side, all but 2 children managed to get some working out down in their maths books.
  • On the downside, I had to mark 26 books.

To be honest, the ‘plus sides’ outweigh the ‘downsides’ purely based on the fact I only have to teach three more maths lessons this week.  Personally I find maths a bit of a drag; you can’t be quite as creative as in literacy.  They need to understand one way of doing maths, whereas literacy can flow in different ways….


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