Faculty Frustration

Now, I know that I am on the job-hunt at the moment, but today Faculty sent an extremely unhelpful email.  Considering the amount of stress we are all already under, they sent an email stating that:-

Dear Trainees,

We thought it would be good for you to hear that one of the trainees on your course has received a job offer from one of our partnership schools.

Well, good for the trainee, but there was no need to send that email.  They keep telling us that there is no need to rush for jobs (after all, we’re at the number 1 training institute for PGCE students in the country), so why send that email?  It’s just struck a nerve and marred an otherwise sterling school day!

So let’s focus on that positive now that my personal issues are out of the way!  Maths went surprisingly well today, although I was appalled at the Y4’s knowledge of their times tables, as was my mentor (their normal class teacher).  So tomorrow’s lesson is going to be a very dull drilling of our times tables from 1-12!!  The lesson went well.  I did my first maths carousel with Y4 and it worked well; it was nice to have small groups to work with at a time, especially after placing them in groups according to how well they did during yesterday’s lesson.

Tomorrow’s maths is observed by the school coordinator who just so happens to be the Deputy Headteacher.  Fingers crossed it’ll go ok.  She’s only ever taught in KS1 so KS2 isn’t her area of speciality!


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