“Grown as a teacher”

So today was a rather busy day.  I was observed my our School Coordinator today, who just so happens to be the Deputy Headteacher.  She watched my maths lesson on solving problems to do with fractions.  It covered all of the teaching they’ve had so far including equivalent fractions, finding fractions of amounts, and how to use division and multiplication facts to solve problems.  The lesson went really well and her feedback was really upbeat and positive.

This good confidence booster was followed by my mentor who says that I’ve “grown as a teacher” in the past week, and she feels that I’m more than capable to be left alone with a class and deliver a well planned lesson at the right level for the group.  So that was lovely of them to say.  I obviously have lots more to learn, but it’s nice to know that I’m at least on track!

I also taught PE today.  It was hockey, and I decided to do it outside.  The ground was very slippery but I only had one casualty – she took a bit of a bashing returning from the Office with 6 plasters, one on each knee, hand, and elbow, respectively!  She did only slip over though so it wasn’t that she’d been beaten up with a hockey stick or anything!

Some sad news around the school this week has been that the lollipop man passed away at the weekend.  He was clearly a key part of the school community, with a condolence book in the school’s reception area showing how much his time was appreciated.  One of the boys in my class has clearly taken this news badly, and I had a half hour wander and a chat with him around school.  I felt very honoured that he asked me if he could have a chat, and it’s nice to think that the children trust me enough to share how they feel, even though I’ve only been with them for 5 weeks. 

So today was, in all, a very positive day; definitely needed it!


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