I have no words…

Ok, I’m totally lying, of course I have words!  The title of this particular post relates to (yet another) rather baffling email from Faculty.  This time, they are saying that they haven’t got enough placements for us on our Part Two placement, you know, our final examined one?  

Not only do they not have enough placement schools but they can’t guarantee that we’ll be with the right year group.  In my case, the ‘right’ year group would be Year 5 or Year 6; frankly I’m appalled!  Anyway, I sent them a fair email saying that a) I was shocked at their organisation – for a number one institution in the country for PGCEs this just isn’t acceptable; b) I was hoping for more; c) I will drive a car but only if they rent me one, pay for it, and pay my petrol costs; and finally d) that I would accept another placement in Year 4, otherwise it will have to be Year 5 or 6.  If they place me in KS1 I politely inferred that I would raise merry hell until they gave me what I expected when I joined the course!

Ooooof it really does wind me up!  It’s days like this when I think I should have done Teach First; Faculty makes it very hard for me to remain calm and happy…..


One response to “I have no words…

  1. Eeekk! I hope they change their mind and give in!

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