This can’t be good…

I woke up this morning feeling absolutely horrendous.  I’m so unbelievably frustrated and really, really, really hope I feel better tomorrow.  I’m meant to be teaching all day Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and I’m so psyched up and ready for the challenge that I really don’t have time to be ill.  Plus, I only have two weeks left in my current placement school and with the Year Fours.  They’ve been such a wonderful class that I really don’t want to have to miss any time with them.  It’s ironic that I’m worried about missing school; I always used to wish for days off when I was a pupil and now I’m desperate to go in!  Anyway, I don’t have to cycle tomorrow so hopefully the drive in will preserve some of my energy.  PPA tomorrow afternoon might turn out to be a bit of a lifesaver too if these germs don’t disappear.

In the meantime I’ll dose myself up with Day Nurse and Night Nurse and hope for the best…


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