What. A. Day.

It was my second full day of teaching today, and it was certainly an eventful one!

One of my class received two red cards today – that results in the loss of two break times.  The first was because he punched another boy (in my class) in the privates during morning break and refused to apologise; the victim was left having to cradle his wounded….erm…area, for the rest of the day.  The same miscreant then, during lunch break, decided that it was his right to take all of the play equipment outside and throw it around the playground.  I went all teacher on him and told him I was very disappointed (cringe) and I’d already told him off once and he hadn’t listened (double cringe), that I expected better from him (running out of teacher stereotypes now) and that…..

….at this point he was saved by the bell.  To be more precise, he was, ironically, saved by the fire alarm.  So my afternoon plan went out of the window.  I managed to get the class up and out of the classroom, they were silent, mostly, and I was feeling jolly proud of myself until I reached the gate into the playground.  I ended up standing with sixty odd children by a locked gate.  We were rescued five minutes later by someone who actually knew the code of the gate.  Ever so slightly awkward but the important thing was we were out of the building right?  

Whilst we were, ahem, held up at the gate, a TA came up to me declaring that I should “count the chidlren as she takes some”.  Errrr what?  My heart filled with panic – who?  Who is taking the children?  Why is nobody stopping her taking the children?  I worked out at about 5pm this evening that what this TA was confusingly trying to tell me was that, in the case of a fire drill, the headteacher sometimes sneaks children away to ensure that the class teacher has taken a head count of their class – the cheek of it!  It turns out I needn’t have worried, this was not a drill.  Some rather naughty Year 5 pupil had decided it would be hilarious to press the fire alarm button.

Forty minutes later, when the fire brigade and police had arrived on site and said naughty boy had received “a right telling off” as the head put it at the staff meeting, we were sent back inside.  Well, then of course they couldn’t reset the darned alarms so the siren kept going off for about 10 more minutes – did I mention that one of the alarms is inside our classroom?  Anyway, finally (one hour after lunch break ended) silence resumed, along with 30 headaches.  I then had to attempt to teach science.  In half the time.  With children wound up from a fire engine and police car visiting the school…..

I don’t think I need to tell you that it feels a lot further through the week than just Tuesday – it should be at least Thursday after the week I’ve had!


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