The Whisper Effect

It’s quite remarkable how the children react to a teacher who has all but lost their voice.  I managed to whisper my way through a 50 minute grammar lesson this morning with only the TA, assigned on a 1:1 basis with a child, in the room.

I sat the children on the carpet and told…or…well….croaked to them that they’d have to help me out as I really couldn’t project my voice.  I had them reading the definitions for different punctuation – when and how to use them – and then they had a little chat in pairs about the very poor grammar in a paragraph on the IWB.  They then came up one by one to correct the grammar and punctuation mistakes in the sentences.  After that, I let them loose on the laptops.  They had to play a quick game called Trapped Punctuation which was really good fun.  They even had to have the sound up on the laptops but were all very diligent about pausing the game and listening when I waved my arms around frantically above my head to get their attention.

You’ve really got to give children some respect; they are humans after all and can be very sentimental at times.  One girl called out to me as she left the room “Get better soon”.  I tried to tell her that I felt fine, I’d just lost my voice, but all that came out was a high pitched squeak and a creaky groan…..


2 responses to “The Whisper Effect

  1. That’s so lovely! It’s wonderful to hear great stories about respect and kindness when so many school blogs are just horror stories. However, I do wish you a speedy recovery, just in case they’re not always so angelic!

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