I know I’ve been rather silent over the past couple of days but it’s all been rather hectic!  I went to school on Monday, then went home to G-town for a good night’s sleep before my interview (on Tuesday).

The interview was certainly an experience, and one of the longest days of my life!  I had to be at school for 8.20am.  At 8.30 we were given our ‘task list’ for the day.  There were 10 of us there, all applying for three (turns out to be four-five) NQT positions at the school.  Most appeared to be doing BAs in education, so a bit more experience than us on a PGCE!  It transpired to be less of a list and more of a very loose timetable!  I was scheduled to teach my lesson “using a book as a stimulus to “make children fly”” at 9.35; so I did.

I was teaching a mixed ability Year 2 class, only seventeen children in total, but that was more than enough!  As a trainee teacher it was quite intimidating walking into a room of strange children and trying to teach them something.  The lesson was slightly chaotic.  One child lost a tooth (of natural causes, nothing to do with me), another had a little bit of a strop, but largely the rest of them were pretty focused.  It was only half an hour and I just about managed to cram the learning objective, main activity, and plenary in to the lesson.  I was observed by the two headteachers (it’s an infant and junior federation) which was quite unnerving – they must practice their poker faces because boy were they not giving anything away.

I then had an hours gap before I had to do the ‘writing section’; this turned out to be a Year 6 SPAG test (spelling, punctuation and grammar) which I clearly did ok on.  We also had to ‘level’ a piece of work.  To my surprise I levelled it correctly. 

We then had lunch served to us.  At this point we were under the impression some would be sent home whilst others stayed to interview.  Turns out we all got through to round 2!  

We were interviewed in pairs and asked a number of rather rigorous questions!  We were asked to evaluate our lessons and to say why we levelled the work the way we did.  We then met with some kids from the school council and fielded those questions (much more relaxed than the interview, man that was scary).  We were then sent home and informed we’d be told Wednesday (today) whether we had the job.

I then caught a number of trains back to my Uni home ready for school this morning.

I received the phone call at 4.30pm.  They offered me a job.


And I accepted.


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