The start.

So today began the start of our return to Faculty. Absolute bore!

The day got off to a roaring start with, quite possibly, the dullest lecture known to man kind. When people point out that they are working to a time constraint, then constantly um and errrr over what they’re saying, it does add to the tediousness of the situation!

We were then told that our final, part two, placement should be given to us by Friday….but another school dropped out which means there are now twenty five trainees with no school. It does suck for faculty but they have committed to getting us all placements so fingers crossed.

We signed up for two, week long placements. One is in a specialist school, such as SEN. Personally I am not suited to work with SEN children. Believe me when I say I am strongly for inclusivity, but I think it takes a very strong and worthy person to work consistently in an SEN setting. I respect them strongly whoever it is not me. I can’t say I’m looking forward to the placement – it will be enriching I’m sure but…well….I just doing think I’m suited to enjoying it! The second week is in a small village school and is an enrichment placement. My school is having a health week so I expect there will be lots of food and fitness related activities!

Oh well, one day in Faculty down, 19 left until the courses ends (as well as 38 days in school); but then who’s counting?……..


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