I don’t think I’ve ever been so depressed whilst in school, and I went to an all girls school! Today was the first day of my placement in a specialist school, and it was not a happy one.

Besides my own reservations about working with children with severe disabilities with no prior training or information about what makes them tick, triggers, their problems, where medication is (the list goes on), but these children do nothing all day.

The teacher I was with spent time on her phone, the kids didn’t have lessons and I was with year six. Some of them appeared thoroughly capable and could have been pushed but they wrote three words all day and spent the rest of the day playing outside or arguing over computers.

I understand that these children have special needs but honestly I didn’t see any academic expectations for these children at all and, personally, that is not ok. Where’s the equality?! Ok we had to have five of us to restrain a ten year old boy and had to evacuate the classroom but that took up about 20 minutes of the day, there were HOURS in the day in which learning could have been done.

Eurrrrgh I’m just frustrated; there’s room for these schools to be good and make a difference and sadly I didn’t see it happen.


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