That Wednesday feeling.

Over half way through the week, hooray! And I found out today that the other trainee in my school, who is working in the other year five class, got a job today so that’s good news. We can both focus on the placement and she can stop worrying about job applications.

The day went pretty well today, nothing major to report. The girls are all arguing but there hasn’t been a punch up (yet) so they are getting along better than they were last week!


Another day, another short lesson.

So today my Literacy got cut short again by yet another unplanned extra long assembly.  Today’s Literacy is spilling over into tomorrows lesson plan which means all my lessons have gone awry (again) and I can’t see how my tutor, who is coming to observe me teach next Tuesday, will be impressed with the children’s learning and my teaching considering it will all be such a mish-mash-mosh by then!  This should be stressing me out more than it actually is.  I (and my fellow trainees come to think of it) are all a bit bored now of treading around other people’s feet, keeping other people happy, sharing a class, not being able to have total control yet still being expected to have control most of the time… If that didn’t make sense to you then think what it’s doing to our frazzled brains!  I’m enjoying teaching and today has been a good day (if you can believe that after the above rant!), but I just want to be left to my own devices and given the go-ahead that I can actually teach!

Also I found out I’ll be job-sharing for the last three weeks of this academic term at my job school.  Not only does this mean I’ll get to find my feet before I start full time in September, but I’ll also start earning money!  

A moment of cheer

After yesterday’s (admittedly depressing) post, today was a pretty good day.  Yes, my maths lesson was a shocker, it was the first lesson I’ve taught at this school and I thought they’d know something about 3D shapes by Year 5, but apart from that I’m feeling quite calm.  I marked the Literacy and Maths work today and I’m home by 17.00.  Hurrah (though I must remember it is only Monday, the week is still young)!

Piling up…

I knew I was being a fool thinking that a five week half term would fly by.  So stressed already, with paperwork all over my room.  I’d come up with a great medium term plan for the half term, which we’re already behind on; it’s only been three days.  With unscheduled assemblies, long break times, sponsored sports events and headteacher interviews the timetable has been constantly in turmoil.  I can’t see how we’re going to fit any substantial learning in.  Plus, it’s not been helped by the looming partnership tutor visit.  This is someone from Faculty who comes to observe us…like we don’t get watched enough!  She’s coming a week late, and to top it off sent a long list of completed paperwork she wants to see.  I struggle to see the value in lots of the forms we have to fill in for Faculty, and I’d rather spend my time making good lessons for the children then worrying about completing a calculation/reading impact study.  Eurrgh, it’s just all piling up and I don’t like it.  I was so knackered at the end of last week, and we only taught for 3 days.  I really can’t see how I’m going to stay awake for this upcoming week; and I have to teach maths.

Moan, moan, moan – it’s just one of those days!

Say Cheese!

I had my first school photo as a teacher today.


I did not know it was going to happen.  It’s going to be a shocker!

Static is not in our vocabulary

I’m really enjoying my placement school at the moment, I only really have one issue; the timetable never seems to stay the same.  By that I mean that lesson length changes from day to day, and lessons I thought I had an hour to teach end up as 35 minute sessions.  Some people would find this situation an absolute dream but all it means is I spend time putting the teaching in and they get nothing done, or I don’t spend time putting the teaching in which allows the children time to do work, but the work is appalling because they don’t understand what the heck they should be doing….

Hopefully things will settle down, I’ve only been there for the end of a term and for the first day of a new term….

An inset day is all it takes.

One training day down and I’m EXHAUSTED! Not entirely sure I can face teaching tomorrow, can I pull a sicky on the first day of a new term?!

9 weeks and counting…

Tomorrow is the start of the summer term and, happily, it starts with an inset day.  Obviously I have to attend the inset day but hopefully it won’t last all day (I’m aware that this could be wishful thinking.  I’ve done a fair bit of planning over the holiday but I just realised that I’m teaching Science on Friday and I haven’t planned it yet.

It’s a Bank Holiday Monday and I’m desperately trying to plan a lesson on microbes.  Fungi, Bacteria and Viruses come at me (though preferably not in the literal sense)!

Medium term…

Well, lesson planning is a chore, a pesky, irksome, looming cloud of doom hovering overhead; you’d think it couldn’t get any worse.

Then you rediscover medium-term planning.  I’ve made it to lesson 11/17 for Literacy.  I honestly don’t know what else we can do with The Highwayman; short of rewriting the beginning, middle, and end….or turning it into a rap(!), I’m out of ideas.

Is it bad that I have my fingers crossed that the class just won’t finish the work in time so my 11 planned lessons will in fact fit to 17?