Another day, another short lesson.

So today my Literacy got cut short again by yet another unplanned extra long assembly.  Today’s Literacy is spilling over into tomorrows lesson plan which means all my lessons have gone awry (again) and I can’t see how my tutor, who is coming to observe me teach next Tuesday, will be impressed with the children’s learning and my teaching considering it will all be such a mish-mash-mosh by then!  This should be stressing me out more than it actually is.  I (and my fellow trainees come to think of it) are all a bit bored now of treading around other people’s feet, keeping other people happy, sharing a class, not being able to have total control yet still being expected to have control most of the time… If that didn’t make sense to you then think what it’s doing to our frazzled brains!  I’m enjoying teaching and today has been a good day (if you can believe that after the above rant!), but I just want to be left to my own devices and given the go-ahead that I can actually teach!

Also I found out I’ll be job-sharing for the last three weeks of this academic term at my job school.  Not only does this mean I’ll get to find my feet before I start full time in September, but I’ll also start earning money!  


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