Across the half-way mark

On Thursday I found out I passed the Research assignment which we handed in just before Easter.  It was a 6000 word research project conducted during out 1b placements.  I was with Year 4 and my project focused on whether the stereotype that boys prefer and are better at maths, whilst girls prefer and are better at literacy, holds true or not.  It doesn’t.  See, summed the whole argument up in less than 3 sentences, but the Uni required 6000!  Very relived that I passed that as I don’t think I could even contemplate bringing myself to have to re-edit and write the assignment.

We are now half-way through our final placement.  All that stands between me and QTS (qualified teacher status) is to pass the next 4 weeks, survive a week in Faculty and get my mentor to sign the sheet of paper which says I’m passable as a school teacher!

Bring it!


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