Fallen into a trap.

So I’ve been telling myself how many weeks it is until half term and I’m finally down to less than 2 weeks.  This has both positives and negatives.  On the one hand it’s not long until the holiday, hooray, but on the other hand I’ve got no motivation for the rest of this week or any of next week which just isn’t particularly helpful!  Today was a struggle for starters!

The motorway we travel to school on is undergoing serious maintenance work and we somehow managed to follow the wrong diversion so did a very merry 30 minute detour this morning.  The Sat-Nav worked it’s little socks off, certainly a worthwhile gift (thanks Mum and dad!).  Then, when we finally reached school, we remembered it was my mentor’s 50th birthday (I’d bought her a card and some chocolates so that was alright).  This meant that the day was full of cake, singing, celebrations, gift-giving, the list doesn’t end!  Whilst it was all lovely and I’m glad she had such a wonderful day, the children were all very riled up by the whole affair and I now hav ea ton of marking as lunch and break were spent watching her open presents.  I’m aware that all sounds exceedingly selfish but don’t forget, I’m on the countdown to half-term, the less work in the evenings the better!

My mentor comes tomorrow for my interim report, joy of joys, so hopefully that’ll go quickly!


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