What a day!

Well, today was always going to be an eventful one but my goodness ha today been non-stop!

We made 64 bread rolls of various shapes and flavours today which took about 1hr 45m which was quite a long time! There was flour everywhere and despite some rather dodgy weighing and measuring the bread turned out extremely well – a triumph for all.

My maths lesson ok division was next and resembled a scene from war of the worlds. The class were hyper after making bread and couldn’t divide if their little lives depended upon it!

Then there was lunch…..

One punch up, 3 bitch fights and 6 crying girls later it was time for afternoon registration (I kid you not). We then had to see a social worker, ring parents, and get the children to do some acting in preparation for literacy next week.

I think it would have been more effective to cut off my own head. They’d have learned more and might have argued left.

Hollllla Friday evening, now pass the wine!


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