What to do…

Free time. Time in which there is nothing to do. I’m unaware of how to handle this situation. For 9 months I’ve been busy ALL THE TIME either essay writing, marking, lesson planning, resourcing, or teaching. Suddenly there is none of that.

I stayed in bed until 11, that’s right 11, it was OBSCENE!


The first taste of freedom since September 9th 2013.

Tomorrow we have a day off.  Thank you very much NUT!  We were supposed to go on a school visit but due to the planned strike action by NUT members the school has been forced to cancel our school visit.  Whilst I’m sure it would have been an enriching experience I’m a) slightly over school visits; and b) very much looking forward to my first true day off since the start of this course.

If I wake up naturally at 6.30am there’ll be hell to pay!

Arrrrrr you excited too?

Arrrrrr you excited too?

First of all it’s Friday so let’s all breathe a sigh of relief and crack open a bottle of something lovely!

Secondly, this week marks the end of Faculty (for a fortnight at least), and the start of another 2 weeks at school – huzzah!

Thirdly – and extremely excitingly – today I found out I’m going back to the same school for my second placement! I’ll be with Y4, so finally moving to KS2 which is the year I feel (at the moment) more comfortable with. I have loved my time with Y2 and am looking forward to the coming 2 weeks…

…which takes us nicely to our fourth point (and finally explains the picture). It’s a week ENTIRELY BASED UPON PIRATES! Yes, on Monday it is full fancy dress, leading through a week of mathematical pirate-themed challenges, PSHE based upon the moralistic decisions made by pirates and, to finish off the week, we get to do our English Project! This involves a quest, a little bit of brain power, and finally a map-reading journey. I’ll tell you more about that later, in the meantime marvel at the treasure chest I just made (by covering a box in paper and drawing lines) but STILL…quite proud!