Friday already

How can it be Friday already?  Half term is over and I’m extremely depressed!  Ok, that’s an exaggeration but this week has just flown by.  It’s been absolutely perfect with trips to London, shopping, baking, meeting friends, seeing family, getting a new bed(!), but I’m gutted it’s now at an end.

I’ll go back to Uni on Sunday then it’ll be 10 days at school, one week at Uni and then I’ll be done; PGCE year over.  Some might go so far as saying I’ll be ‘free’…..



So caught up in internet-induced angst yesterday that I forgot to post a celebratory “Yay it’s half term” post. So here it is:-


Oh bother.

It’s the end of Half term already, how miserable! The week has flown by. Whilst it got off to a miserable start with my purse being stolen and my parents having to cut their trip short, the week picked up. I’ve pretty much finished my assignment, I’ve got a new car and my replacement cards are slowly arriving!

I really can’t believe the holiday is over already though – 6 weeks until Easter holiday. Bring it!

Why did it have to end?

The real problem with half-term (a.k.a. ‘assignment prepartaion week’) is that it only lasts a week – one, sweet, fleeting week.  Such misery!  It was a lovely week though and I got a fair bit of work done and a lot more ‘play’ done so all was well and good!

Today wasn’t too bad – but I’m desperate for next Monday, otherwise known as Return-to-school day!


Sleepy but successful!

Phew, today was another whirl-wind of a day (even though I didn’t actually teach).  It’s quite exhausting to watch Year 2 work, especially when all 4 adults in the room are feeling slightly less than 100%.  The end of the half term is clearly approaching as a number of the children are falling ill and the staff, myself included, are starting to feel the chill in the old bones (as well as in the air).

Despite feeling knackered, ill and slightly windswept it’s all been very positive so far.  My mentor (the class teacher of Y2) is fantastic, and I think I’m extremely lucky to have someone as lovely as him.  Others on the course are having a wee bit of trouble with their mentors who are being less than forthcoming with information and guidance which, as student teachers, we really do need!  The school is fantastic and the commute isn’t bad.  

Ultimately it’s all going to ‘plan’ – I’ll let you know how I feel at the end of week….