Right, the time has now come to finish this blog.  My PGCE year is officially over and I have achieved QTS status.  I start work from Monday as a Year 2 teacher and am anticipating another rollercoaster of a year to come.  

Thank you for reading this and I hope it’s not been too depressing to read; teaching is hard work but it’s totally worth it!


First of many

Today I’m attending my first staff meeting at my job school. Apparently it’s going to be about our NQT year so hopefully it’ll make everything clear…..fingers crossed!

Graduation…of sorts

Today I ‘graduate’, only it’s not a graduation as the esteemed institution where I’m training doesn’t think we deserve the whole gown and mortar board thing.

Anyway we have a ceremony thing and then I’m moving back home. Busy day!

Reminiscence Day

Today I had my day at an ‘alternative educational setting’.  Rather than seeing any children at work I was treated to a day with the elderly at a farm.  The location was fab and there were some wonderful activities laid on for the old folk to have a go at.  Unfortunately, most of the visitors were carers and the elderly who did turn up had their carers with them which meant that they weren’t really open to having any conversations.

I did do some arts and crafts though and see some cool old stuff…


The beginning of the new.

Last night I drove back home in preparation for my ‘outdoor leadership’ training with my job school today.  It was a really good day and I got to meet the other Year 2 class teacher I’ll be working alongside next year.  We will each have 20 children in our class ( I know, how perfect!), and we will team teach and plan together.  Sorted.

That’s it.

My final day of placement as a trainee teacher is over. A very emotional day with happy tears, sad tears, nervous laughter, full on hysterics, and lots of hugs.

From start to end the children and staff were fantastic offering praise and heart felt sentiments of goodbye and good luck. I received some beautiful gifts from the staff and pupils – I’m all geared up for next year now with aptly named folders reading “year 2 class teacher”. The reality of being a paid teacher creeps closer with every minute. I’m so very fortunate to have been placed at the school I’ve just left. I couldn’t have asked for more from the mentors or the children. Despite the cyber bullying issues, friendship disputes and inability to write full stops and capital letters they really were top kids. A lot of other trainees were counting down the days with glee, looking forward to being ‘rid’ of their class and mentors, but that just wasn’t the case with me.

The class gave me an absolutely gorgeous giant card with a message from each child and they’d written a poem. Each child wrote one line. I’ve put it below not to show off but because I think it shows that the children of today do have something in them which we end to make sure (Mr Gove) we don’t lose amongst the assessments and ‘British morality’ lessons.

This is your special day because Class 12 thinks that:
You are good at teaching us literacy
You are a brilliant teacher and always smiling
You are my favourite trainee teacher and always will be
You are a wonderful teacher and I appreciate what you have done for us
You are great at making us laugh
You are the best trainee teacher ever
You are fab at making learning fun
You will always be remembered…forever (the lesson on connectives worked)
You are amazing and I loved your superb lessons
You are a great teacher and make lessons fun and special
You are a friend and don’t turn your back on anyone
You are funny at teaching and we will miss you
You are the best and funniest trainee teacher ever
When you are happy you make us happy
You are smiley when you teach us and make learning fun
We will miss your smile
You are smiley all the time and make learning fun
You always go the extra mile for us
You are great at teaching swimming
Wee appreciate everything you’ve done
You are a great teacher, we will remember you
You are so kind and always have a smile
You are very good at helping with our friendship problems
You are funny which helps me learn more and understand
You are always happy and bring a smile to our faces
You are the greatest and awesomest teacher ever
You are the greatest trainee teacher and will be missed
Thank you for being awesome!

On your marks, get set…..go!

Today was sports day and boy was it a scorcher! The sun was out which was brilliant and there was a slight breeze to keep everybody cool. All children in ks2 got to run in a multitude of races, working on a rotation system. They did a variation of races from sack jumping, egg and spoon races to three legged races. As always not all children were keen to participate but they did all get on and have a go which was great to see.

The day ended with the relay races and sprint races. All ran very well and, bless them, even those in last place kept running until they finished – the determination on their faces was an absolute picture!

I’m very pleased I was there to witness sports day after it’s cancellation last week, as it would have been disappointing to miss out on such a fun day.

No more Mondays

Today was my final Monday in school; in fact today was my final Monday in a school as a trainee teacher!

Such excitement.

5 days in schoo…

5 days in school left to go!

1 signature for 9 months.

So today was my final tutor visit, and as always it was a waste of time. However, she did sign the final sheet of paper I need to pass the course; one signature signs off and validates 9 months worth of basic hell, weird that!

Anyway , I now have 7 days left in school, 5 days at Uni, 4 days off and then I start supply work at my new school.

The real world is coming at me!