First of many

Today I’m attending my first staff meeting at my job school. Apparently it’s going to be about our NQT year so hopefully it’ll make everything clear…..fingers crossed!


That’s it.

My final day of placement as a trainee teacher is over. A very emotional day with happy tears, sad tears, nervous laughter, full on hysterics, and lots of hugs.

From start to end the children and staff were fantastic offering praise and heart felt sentiments of goodbye and good luck. I received some beautiful gifts from the staff and pupils – I’m all geared up for next year now with aptly named folders reading “year 2 class teacher”. The reality of being a paid teacher creeps closer with every minute. I’m so very fortunate to have been placed at the school I’ve just left. I couldn’t have asked for more from the mentors or the children. Despite the cyber bullying issues, friendship disputes and inability to write full stops and capital letters they really were top kids. A lot of other trainees were counting down the days with glee, looking forward to being ‘rid’ of their class and mentors, but that just wasn’t the case with me.

The class gave me an absolutely gorgeous giant card with a message from each child and they’d written a poem. Each child wrote one line. I’ve put it below not to show off but because I think it shows that the children of today do have something in them which we end to make sure (Mr Gove) we don’t lose amongst the assessments and ‘British morality’ lessons.

This is your special day because Class 12 thinks that:
You are good at teaching us literacy
You are a brilliant teacher and always smiling
You are my favourite trainee teacher and always will be
You are a wonderful teacher and I appreciate what you have done for us
You are great at making us laugh
You are the best trainee teacher ever
You are fab at making learning fun
You will always be remembered…forever (the lesson on connectives worked)
You are amazing and I loved your superb lessons
You are a great teacher and make lessons fun and special
You are a friend and don’t turn your back on anyone
You are funny at teaching and we will miss you
You are the best and funniest trainee teacher ever
When you are happy you make us happy
You are smiley when you teach us and make learning fun
We will miss your smile
You are smiley all the time and make learning fun
You always go the extra mile for us
You are great at teaching swimming
Wee appreciate everything you’ve done
You are a great teacher, we will remember you
You are so kind and always have a smile
You are very good at helping with our friendship problems
You are funny which helps me learn more and understand
You are always happy and bring a smile to our faces
You are the greatest and awesomest teacher ever
You are the greatest trainee teacher and will be missed
Thank you for being awesome!

In 8 hours…

…..I will have completed the school based element of my teacher training.

That’s a very scary thought.

5 days in schoo…

5 days in school left to go!

Easing in….

Easing in....

This half term has started off quite nicely with an inset day. Dedicated to ‘Report writing’ this was a non compulsory day in school; as myself and my partner have no reports to write, we didn’t necessarily have to join the (very few) staff who’d made it in, however we spent two merry hours between 10 and 1 photocopying and setting up the classroom for tomorrow morning.

I only have 9 days left in school now as a trainee teacher (unless all goes bottom up in the next couple of weeks, touch wood it doesn’t); I won’t say time’s flown, I’ve felt the past 9 months like a frying pan to the face but it is odd that the end is so near….


So on Friday morning I’m doing a talk on cyber-bullying to the Year 5’s.  Essentially it runs along the lines of:-

  • Bullying in school is wrong – teachers will deal with it by following the anti-bullying policy in school.
  • Bullying outside of school is wrong – parents, carers and other adults will help sort it out.
  • Cyber-bullying is wrong – the police will get involved.

The aim is to scare the living ba-jeebus out of the Y5 girls to stop them sending each other bullying text messages, whilst simultaneously telling the whole class that they are wrong to be on Facebook (it’s illegal under the age of 13).  Ultimately there is nothing else we can do in school, phones and the internet are the perogative of parents, not teachers, but we can at least try scare tactics!


Another season is happening in the glorious world outside and I’m stuck indoors in a sweltering classroom!

The weather is glorious, and I know I was very fortunate to experience the lovely sunshine yesterday on our school trip but today I really felt cooped up.  I had to open the blinds which are normally down just so I could at least see the sunshine outside and get some sense of freedom!  

I’m not moaning about the weather at all, I just wish I could be out in it!

Fallen into a trap.

So I’ve been telling myself how many weeks it is until half term and I’m finally down to less than 2 weeks.  This has both positives and negatives.  On the one hand it’s not long until the holiday, hooray, but on the other hand I’ve got no motivation for the rest of this week or any of next week which just isn’t particularly helpful!  Today was a struggle for starters!

The motorway we travel to school on is undergoing serious maintenance work and we somehow managed to follow the wrong diversion so did a very merry 30 minute detour this morning.  The Sat-Nav worked it’s little socks off, certainly a worthwhile gift (thanks Mum and dad!).  Then, when we finally reached school, we remembered it was my mentor’s 50th birthday (I’d bought her a card and some chocolates so that was alright).  This meant that the day was full of cake, singing, celebrations, gift-giving, the list doesn’t end!  Whilst it was all lovely and I’m glad she had such a wonderful day, the children were all very riled up by the whole affair and I now hav ea ton of marking as lunch and break were spent watching her open presents.  I’m aware that all sounds exceedingly selfish but don’t forget, I’m on the countdown to half-term, the less work in the evenings the better!

My mentor comes tomorrow for my interim report, joy of joys, so hopefully that’ll go quickly!

Across the half-way mark

On Thursday I found out I passed the Research assignment which we handed in just before Easter.  It was a 6000 word research project conducted during out 1b placements.  I was with Year 4 and my project focused on whether the stereotype that boys prefer and are better at maths, whilst girls prefer and are better at literacy, holds true or not.  It doesn’t.  See, summed the whole argument up in less than 3 sentences, but the Uni required 6000!  Very relived that I passed that as I don’t think I could even contemplate bringing myself to have to re-edit and write the assignment.

We are now half-way through our final placement.  All that stands between me and QTS (qualified teacher status) is to pass the next 4 weeks, survive a week in Faculty and get my mentor to sign the sheet of paper which says I’m passable as a school teacher!

Bring it!

Static is not in our vocabulary

I’m really enjoying my placement school at the moment, I only really have one issue; the timetable never seems to stay the same.  By that I mean that lesson length changes from day to day, and lessons I thought I had an hour to teach end up as 35 minute sessions.  Some people would find this situation an absolute dream but all it means is I spend time putting the teaching in and they get nothing done, or I don’t spend time putting the teaching in which allows the children time to do work, but the work is appalling because they don’t understand what the heck they should be doing….

Hopefully things will settle down, I’ve only been there for the end of a term and for the first day of a new term….