Número Uno

Day 1 of my final placement.

I’m knackered but happy.


I know my Year Group!

Whilst I received my first appointment as a teacher back in February, on Friday I received the letter with confirmation of the year group I will be teaching.  My Year Group is…..Year 2!  That means SATs, a high rate of baby-tooth loss, Phonics lessons, addition, subtraction, and a boat load of colouring.

Bring it.

Deep breath….

Today was the last day in Faculty (WOOP WOOP) before our final placement as trainee teachers. Gulp! We have one week in school starting on Monday and then the placement continues until two weeks after half term; in other words we’ve got a busy few weeks ahead of us!

Oh for the love of….

We have to buy a ticket to our own PGCE ceremony.

I’m angry now but as my Mummy said, there are now less days on faculty than fingers on one hand. Hooray!

Reliving the Uni Undergrad days

Today, as I mentioned yesterday, I had a luxurious day of freedom due to the NUT strike over pay, workload, and hours.  I think they have a point, but I’m afraid I saw this day of industrial action as a chance for a rare time of R&R!

I relived my Undergraduate days exercising, having lunch with the girls, driving around, and baking a cake. 

Cake (click the link for the recipe).


It’s literally all that matters today….


The first taste of freedom since September 9th 2013.

Tomorrow we have a day off.  Thank you very much NUT!  We were supposed to go on a school visit but due to the planned strike action by NUT members the school has been forced to cancel our school visit.  Whilst I’m sure it would have been an enriching experience I’m a) slightly over school visits; and b) very much looking forward to my first true day off since the start of this course.

If I wake up naturally at 6.30am there’ll be hell to pay!

A nugget of hope.

Possibility of a day off on Wednesday due to NUT teacher strike action.

This is very exciting news.

Time goes by. So slowly.

Thank you Madonna for those words.

I just climbed into bed to see that it’s barely 8.30pm. What even is life?!!!!

Not untouchable.

It seems that even whilst on Placement Faculty can do nothing but wind me up.  

This time it’s a member of Faculty who instructed us in the teaching of a ‘non-core’ subject who has managed to infiltrate the school I am working in this week and make a flash judgement that deems that the staff dislike us and consider us unprofessional.  We have been nothing but hands-on, helpful, and professional all week.  We even stayed behind to watch a football match after school which was beyond requirements and she seems to think we didn’t make that effort….

Well, if she wants unprofessional we’ll see how those higher up in Faculty respond to her ‘out-stepping her rank’ (her words) and spreading (frankly b********) false rumours email!

Now we’re left treading on egg-shells in a place in which we feel unwanted.  Thank you very much Faculty….

Just over….

Just over two and a half weeks until the Easter holidays. I’m so excited I could lay an egg.